Agreement Management Like Never Before

Discover a totally new way to deal with your legal binding agreement. It has never been this intuitive and simple.


Bindz helps your organization managing all your agreements and contracts with internal and external stakeholders.



Have multiple stakeholders from different departments working all on one agreement together



Create your own templatas for your organization to help structure agreements and contracts



Invite your approval committee of internal and external stakeholders who can sign-off and approve agreements and contracts.


Renewals and reminders

Get automatic reminders on when a contract is due to expire and whether it can be auto renewed.



Get reporting on the status of your agreements, pending, in progress and completed for goal and KPI setting


Agreement communication

Each agreement uses the OPCORE PRIV engine to collaborate

Never Lose a single important agreement

Have all your agreements digitized and organized in one easy to manage system that allows collaboration , reminder, and active engagement with all agreement parties .

Intuitive interface

Bindz has been developed with being intuitive in mind so that everyone can understand the tool very easily and can immediately start working with their agreements and contracts. It helps you to track all your active and drafted agreements. With the colorful labels and status identifications never lose sight of what’s going on. It’s very visible.

Signet Dashboard

Use Many of available well crafted Templates

Bindz provides you with a large set of template agreements well crafted to fit your individual and organizational needs. Over 100+ templates to manage business contracts and agreements and well as many personal agreement types. Bindz updates all those templates to match new laws and market needs to give you maximum ease in your legal quests.

Customize your agreement in collaborations with all parties

With Bindz you can custom build any agreement and collaborate with the invited parties. You can chat , attach and notify parties with all changes. You can open a discussion to reach the optimal agreement structure and have all recorded. Bindz provides a per-signing agreement approval flow which allows you to invite read only users who will check and verify the contract before the official signing , isn’t that great ?

Dual language

Electronic Signatures

When it’s signed it really binds. Manage all the digital approvals with certified electronic signatures. Signatures are authenticated with more than just sign shape but also 3D secure mechanism and biometrix capability. The function includes :

  • Digital signature by authorized party
  • 3D secure authentication of action
  • Biiometrix face recognition

Bindz then generates a unique certification on every contract signed by the authorised parties.

Manage all your relationships more effectively

Don’t redo the work on every agreement! Bindz Remembers every user and every party you did work with. The user management feature allows users to set their identity and address as well as all the associates linked to the organizations so you can easily select, verify and proceed with your work. Bindz gives the pro account the tool to ensure secure authenticated ways to protect their identity and become a verified establishment over Bindz.

User management
User management

Your agreements are no longer a dum piece of paper!

With Bindz smart agreement builder, you can set the agreement terms like dates , prices and deliverables to be active fields. Bindz will remind you and the other parties on all the active terms that need action with the time set comes. You will no longer miss a renewal of agreement or a date to review the deliverables since bindz will notify all parties with their commitments all the time.


Pick the right pricing plan for your needs

Bindz is provided to all people who need to manage their legal life needs. Who dosnt ? Therefore our plans are made to suit every one.

Are you looking for a tailored solution? Contact us

Cloud Accounts

This is for individuals and small enterprises needs with easy subscription plan within thievery convenient price range. Enjoy features like:

  • Unlimited Users
  • 100+ templates
  • Digital signature
  • Account Authentication
  • 24/7 customer support
  • And more
(Available soon)

Enterprise Account

Because your organization is large and your teams are big, Bindz enterprise edition is made to give you the comfort and flexibility that you need. Our sales team an here to help you customize your own bindz.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Annual license plan
  • White labeling
  • 24/7 customer support
  • In-house hosting


Interested in BINDZ for your Enterprise?

Enjoy more customize functions for your business and agreements. Contact our sales team to customize suitable package to support your organization.

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